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"designing with U in mind"

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DZNU, LLC offers a designer signature handbag line by, Ponchitta Young.  Filled with a passion for quality and style, an innovative vision birthed exquisite handbags to meet every fashionable need.  Our styles or a Limited Edition because we want you to truly feel a unique and special experience. We purposefully  produce a small quantity of each style in order to bring you an ultra sophisticated DZNU encounter. 


Our handbags are crafted with U in mind: Classy, Elegant, Durable, and Affordable.  They represent a fine quality of craftsmanship that is absolutely stunning.  Each handbag is sure to compliment your business, casual, trendy, or daily needs.

We take pride as a black-owned business in providing a quality designer handbag and consultation services without an overwhelming price.

Ponchitta Young
"meet the Designer" 

Ponchitta was born, raised, and educated in the south.  She is a "self-made" Designer, an Author, and Motivational Speaker. She became frustrated over the years after paying hundreds of dollars for handbags that didn't completely meet her expectation as it relates to price, logistics, materials used, and overrated styles.  It was also frustrating to find out that only thousands of other women were carrying the "same" handbag.  Ponchitta thought of a way to offer a product that was unique to the individual without sharing the same likes and uniqueness with so many other women.  Ponchitta began sketching a few designs of her own on paper and eventually  brought them to a reality.   Her first project was handmade; Wow! what a proud moment.  She eventually sought a manufacturing company and other professionals who were committed to guiding DZNU from paper to a finished quality product.  She launched her first signature handbags in 2016, offering customers and retail buyers a classy tote style handbag.  Since that time she has launched four signature handbag lines and looking forward to offering more innovative and classy styles for women and men.